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Christy Smart Bag


Smart Bag

Material Waterproof Silicon Leather Material

Bag Size: W 220mm x 75mm.  H 150mm

Weight: 750g

Battery Type: Lithium Battery

Capacity: 10000 mAh

Input: 5V. 2A

Output: Wired:10W . Wireless: 5W

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Deefurse handbags are made of Nano-Leather which is more contemporary and of higher value than normal leather.

With zero-solvent production technology, there’s zero VOC (Volatile organic compounds)

emission which guarantees environmental safety and eliminates any foul odour.

With its anti-mildew and antibacterial elements, the material is easy to clean and maintain.

The material will not harden under cold temperature at -30°C or melt under high temperature up to 200°C

The material is durable, does not fade and feels like brand new for the next 5 years.


How To Use Deefurse Smart Handbag



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Christy Smart Bag